Do you really know your Bible

Can you quote psalm 23 correctly without peeping into your Bible, what of psalm 91?  Ok,  I compiled some 'simple' questions from the Holy Bible and If you can answer up to 6 correctly, then...????????
Here they are

1. Which verse of the Bible has 6 questions in it?
2. Who among the prophets was a herdsman before he became a prophet?
3. What verse is the longest in the Bible?
4. The two men in the Bible who altered the course of the sun through their prayers were......... and..........
5. Where does the Bible condemn tattoo?
6. What's the longest name in the Bible?
7.Who were the first people to propose inheritance for women in the Bible?

Search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life. (John 5:39)

I'll tell you the answers in my next post.  (smiles)



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