My Addiction to Romance Novels and how I broke free!

'As he entered, I recognized his cologne as it found its way into my nostrils, mmm... He pinned me to my seat with those piercing blue eyes that seemed to see through me, and that chiseled jaw. I remember the first time we met in church, I almost swooned, as we shook hands, I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through me... blah blah blah

Please, what feelings does this little excerpt arouse in you?
Feelings of chastity and pure mind? I don't think so.
Few years ago, when I staggered through life blindfolded, my typical day was something like this.

I wake up (groggy because I slept late, what kept me awake? Fantasizing about an imaginary boy)
I dress up and move to my favorite bookseller (the man allowed me to read as much books as I wanted without paying)

I would browse  the bookstand for a good inspirational romance novel, take out one, read the back, I see words like faith, hope, well... this must be good, nothing filthy.

I get a good chair, sit back and devour!

I wouldn't look up from the book until when the bookseller says he's going home. I look round, it's getting dark, uh uh, I'm not through, few pages left. Reluctantly, I keep back the novel, I would finish it tomorrow.

As I walk home, what am I feeling?  Hunger, maybe. I mean, what's the state of my mind? On entering my street, I see my former classmate who I see almost every day, we greet, but suddenly I notice how broad his shoulders have become, and...

You see what I mean, (handwork of romance novels )  and this's a girl that has given her life to Christ and wants to keep herself until marriage. With The way things are going, it's not likely.

I used to wonder why my life was going spiral, always having dirty dreams. My journals spoke of confusion, guilt, unhappiness and more confusion, I was always infatuated.
The next day, I would go to the bookstore for Episode 2,same story, same ending.

At home, I blocked out everyone, managed to do my chores, then back to my fantasy world of imagination. I knew was going down the dark tunnel, but I couldn't help it. I was addicted, nothing else made me happy (happy as long as I was reading or daydreaming, but miserable in real life). I felt I would go crazy without it, nothing else mattered to me.

One day, all the 'inspirational' romance novels were gone!  A woman bought all of it, oh no! what am I going to do?  As I stood there, the monster inside barked, "Feed me now! I'm starving" My heart beat faster as my eyes darted back and forth on the bookstand, then rested on the section of the super romance. An inner voice whispers, 'no, no, you'll only hurt yourself the more', but my hands are already stretched out, so I grab a novel. Maybe later, I'll consider what that voice was saying, for  now I'll satisfy myself.
'Filthy' was my name at the end of the day, from then I became a prisoner of written porn.

Note: At this time, I knew the scriptures  well, I even preached Christ to people but I wasn't yet yielded to the Lord.

Sinking in quick sand, I was almost gone, if not for the timely intervention of the HolySpirit through a youth program I attended. He opened my eyes to see the implications of my lifestyle, unmasked my tormentor and I saw who it really was;a demon sent from the pit of hell to keep young girls and older women in hard bandage and to drive them farther from God's will for their lives, mess them up and then destroy them.

I wasn't going to let that happen to me , so in tears I confessed my sins and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me, to deliver me. I knew I couldn't help myself, and I told him as much, I made some decisions and asked for grace. On reaching home, I soaked all the romance novels I had with me in water and threw them into the thrash can, and broke related DVDs in pieces. I avoided the bookstore and found other ways to spend my day. I stopped reading or watching anything related to romance. At first, it wasn't so easy, memories of the past haunted me for some time, but the grace of the Lord saw me through.

Since I had downloaded lots of viruses into my mind, there had to be a formatting. My mind had to be reprogrammed by constant studying and meditating of the Word, listening to life transforming messages. The Word washed away all the scum from my mind, making it conducive enough for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. Wheew! Pure heart, clean mind, nothing like it. Now I can concentrate on my studies, on my future, serving my God in all Purity.
How about that goal of remaining chaste till marriage, can it be actualized? Of course!

Dear friend, there's nothing like Christian or Inspirational romance. Devilish deception.
What's so Christian about a writing that fans the flame of lust?  What's so inspiring about it? OK! I know! It inspires immorality. Remember, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Read it!Think it! Desire it! Then when opportunity comes up, the deed is done, it's just a matter of time. Many girls have been caged by this monster, married women too, my heart aches when I remember how school girls of about 15,16 years old would troop into the book store to buy written porn they call novel.

Young lady, Flee Romance novels! Flee youthful Lusts!  As a wise person said 'Have the courage to avoid anything that doesn't feed your soul'

So friend, what's your decision? To remain in chains or to enjoy 'sweet sweet' freedom? Freedom from lust, from guilt, shielded from the strong wind of immorality blowing from all sides. All you need is the Lord Jesus Christ in your life, He did it for me, and He is able to do the same for you!


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