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Why Did I Follow The Crowd?

I'm at crossroads, my brain is whirling, which way do I go? which path should I follow?  As I stand contemplating, behold, a mammoth crowd is coming towards me, don't panic! I tell myself. As they come closer, I find out that the individuals all look alike.  On reaching the crossroads, they take the left road, then here comes a person, alone, he diverts to the opposite direction. "Stop! Stop! I shout at him, where're you going all alone?" it's like he's deaf, walking swiftly as if on an emergency without looking back. Hmm I ponder, how long will I remain here? how long shall I sit on the fence? I have to choose a path.  I look this way, the crowd is still in view, I look the other way, the loner is nowhere in sight, so fast? Wow! I think I should follow him. As I take a couple of steps forward in the direction of the loner, suddenly, there's a loud murmuring behind me. I turn around, eh! lots of angry looking faces were on me, what di